Goppelt Farms

Situated in Gonzales, La. lies a 4-acre farm run by 23-year-old Deborah Goppelt and her brother 20-year-old David Goppelt with sustainability and health as their mantras.

Walking through their land, you'll spot a small shed off the left where Deborah starts her seeds with leafy greens breaking through the top layers of soil basking underneath full spectrum UV lights. In the summers, this seed house is a brooder for hatching chicks...and to ensure healthy development, Deborah plays classical music for them. According to Deborah, farmers in different countries have used classical music for dairy cows because it helps them relax. 

On the right side of the farm is where those seeds end up--outside in a perfectly straight row of vegetable plants, which Deborah and David harvest and sell when the time comes. 

In the open pastures of their farm lay dozens of cute little chirping chickens walking around in their mobile shelters. The mobile shelters are iconic of a new wave of young sustainability-focused farms. These shelters allow the chickens to reside in different parts of pastures while fertilizing them at the same time and protecting them from predators. Deborah and David feed them certified organic feed from Coyote Creek Mill in Texas and treat their chickens with the utmost respect and dignity. So, granted, processing days are one of the hardest for them. 

However, they say their chickens are much better off on their farm than an industrial one. Their chickens are raised on open pastures, organic feed and of course, classical music. Deborah and David keep their farm sustainable by reading up on sustainable practices and techniques to produce some of the healthiest chickens and nutrient-dense produce.