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People Lately Have Been Relying on Astrology. Here’s Why

Astrology covers all the future predictions with respect to the position of the various planets. For millennia, humans have researched the 12 zodiac signs and unearthed a wealth of intriguing information. While many psychics would never hesitate to engage in a verbal fight with astrology supporters, everyone has their own reason to respect and maybe even use astrology in their daily lives.

Although ancient societies used astrology to make decisions, there is little evidence that it has the power to affect our lives now. Nonetheless, one in every four Americans believes that the positions of the stars and planets have an impact on their life. Though on surface these notions might seem unscientific and a sham, there is a reason people look to it to solve their problems.

It instils hope.

Many people find hope in their beliefs, while others seek it via astrology. While astrology does not include Gods or other Higher divines, it may help you through some of life’s most challenging situations. A simple peek at the monthly horoscope may provide you with all the inspiration you need to tackle and overcome life’s problems.
Improved self-awareness

Everyone has their unique mix of personality characteristics, habits, and behaviours, and figuring out who you are may be difficult. In reality, we spend a significant portion of our lives trying to figure out who and what we are. Astrology, on the other hand, may aid in the development of a greater understanding of oneself. Astrology can help you take better decisions about various aspects of your life and a right astrologer can also be your philosopher guide.

Discover more about life.

Aside from personality traits and attributes, astrology may provide you with extensive insight into your life when you are stuck. There are times when you don’t know which way to turn or what to do to find inner peace. Fortunately, astrology may help you describe the most subjective aspect of your existence.

Astrology is fascinating.

After all, folks who study astrology can make a good narrative. To appreciate a good astrological book, you don’t have to think that astrology has any importance to our life. If you prefer reading your horoscope on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, you may find astrology more fascinating than illuminating. The main downside of astrology is that some individuals try to earn a fortune by deceiving astrology enthusiasts by making fake predictions and claiming to be 100 percent accurate. You don’t want to fall prey to con artists as they might prove to be expensive and a sheer waste of your cash.

The Tarot Deck – Major Arcana

The tarot card deck includes 78 cards in total; the first 22 are called the ‘major arcana.’

The cards within the major arcana represent life lessons and the more common themes that are influencing your life. Even though these cards deal with more general themes, they are usually very deep and complex – the general themes apply to everyone, but the meaning behind each of these themes is different for each individual.

Before you receive your tarot online reading – physical or online – it would be helpful for you to understand the meanings behind the major arcana cards. Knowing the meaning behind the cards can help you understand the reading you receive and may help you formulate questions to ask, enhancing your tarot online reading experience.

Out of the 22 major arcana cards, 21 are numbered, while the first card is not. The first card is called ‘The Fool’. The major arcana cards tell his story; the fool goes through all of the cards representing his different teachers until he reaches the last card, ‘The World.’ The major arcana cards tell the story of the fool’s journey and how he learns lessons as he goes through each of his teachers.

So, let us explore each card within the major arcana.

The Fool

  • Upright – A new beginning, being spontaneous, innocence, and one who has a free spirit
  • Reversed – One who is reckless and takes risks without thinking; one who is being held back (by their own faults or personality traits)

The Magician

  • Upright – One who is inspired and resourceful; the manifestation of goals and power
  • Reversed – Unexplored talents and manipulation; one who plans poorly

The High Priestess

  • Upright – One who is ruled by the subconscious mind; they have intuition and sacred knowledge, representation of the divine feminine figure.
  • Reversed – One who is not connected to their subconsciousness; one who is withdrawn and silent.

The Empress

  • Upright – Nature and nurturing; one who is abundant in beauty and femininity
  • Reversed – Block in creativity (leading to) dependence on others

The Emperor

  • Upright – The father figure who establishes authority and structure
  • Reversed – One who is dominating and holds control in excess, they are inflexible and lack discipline

The Hierophant

  • Upright – One who conforms to institutions and traditions; they hold religious and spiritual knowledge
  • Reversed – One who is free and follows their personal beliefs or one who has trouble going against the current

The Lovers

  • Upright – One who lives in relationships with love and harmony; there is an alignment in values and choices
  • Reversed – One who loves themselves; misalignment of values; lack of harmony

The Chariot

  • Upright – One who achieves success through action, determination, and willpower
  • Reversed – Self-discipline; one who faces opposition and a lack of direction


  • Upright – Courage, compassion, and strength
  • Reversed – One who feels their raw emotions, they have inner strength but experience low energy and self-doubt

The Hermit

  • Upright – One who prefers being alone for introspection; soul-searching
  • Reversed – Loneliness and isolation

Wheel of Fortune

  • Upright – A turning point where one might face good luck; represents karma and destiny
  • Reversed – Represents bad luck and resistance to change; one who wants to break the cycle of life


  • Upright – Fairness, truth, and law
  • Reversed – Unfairness, dishonesty, and one who fails to hold themselves accountable

The Hanged Man

  • Upright – One who takes a break, surrenders, and let’s go; they are exposed to new opportunities
  • Reversed – Indecision and delays


  • Upright – One who faces an ending that will lead to change and transformation
  • Reversed – One who is resistant to change; personal change or purging due to change


  • Upright – One who is balanced and patient; they live with purpose and in moderation
  • Reversed – One who lives in excess; self-healing and realignment

The Devil

  • Upright – One who lives in the shadow of themselves; they experience attachment, addiction, and restriction
  • Reversed – Detaching and releasing oneself from personal beliefs; exploring one’s dark thoughts

The Tower

  • Upright – One who experiences a sudden change leading to chaos, upheaval, awakening, and revelation
  • Reversed – Escaping disaster and personal transformation

The Star

  • Upright – Hope, faith, and purpose
  • Reversed – Lack of faith and disconnection; self-trust

The Moon

  • Upright – Intuition and subconsciousness; one who suffers from fear and anxiety
  • Reversed – The release of fear; experiencing inner confusion

The Sun

  • Upright – One who is positive; they experience warmth, success, and vitality
  • Reversed – One who is a child on the inside and is overly optimistic; feelings of sadness


  • Upright – An inner-calling; one who is rebirthed
  • Reversed – One who ignores their inner-calling and experiences self-doubt; they have an inner critic

The World

  • Upright – Accomplishment and completion; one who is worldly and well-traveled
  • Reversed – One who seeks closure; one who takes short-cuts (which may cause even more further delays)

(All meanings are based on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck)

This list should give you a good overview of all the cards within the major arcana and the themes they center upon. Knowing the meaning behind the cards before your tarot card reading could help you have a better insight into the reading you receive. This can be especially helpful if you choose to receive an online reading and don’t have a professional reader to guide you through it.

Knowing the meanings behind the cards and receiving an online tarot card reading can also be helpful when you do not know or do not have access to a tarot reader in your area.

To start you on your tarot reading journey, visit this page (inset external link) to receive a free online reading today!

6 Best Online Psychic Platform

When you hear the word psychics, many people envision some sort of dark ages, but that isn’t how things work anymore. In times of tension, it is natural to seek guidance and clarification. Whether you seek clarity in your career or finances, it is natural to want advice and help from the divine. People have been seeking help from psychics for a long time, and it has been continuing even after all these years because it works.

When you need a little guidance to find happiness in life, tools like astrology resources, tarot cards and numerology readings are available on the web. A clairvoyant can be accessed directly from your smartphone.

There are apprehensions about scam artists or expensive rates, but you should not worry about it with these best online psychic sites. Whether you are a first-timer or not, these online platforms will be there for you, providing quality service at cheap rates from famous psychics too. Get your reading from the best psychics online from all over the world. Here are the top online psychic sites.


If you seek guidance or help in your life, is one of the best psychic readings sites. Many professional readers, healers, and mediums are all ready to help you in your journey.

Founded in 1999, it has served over four million satisfied customers. Kasamba gives you tarot, dream interpretations, energy healing and astrological readings. The advisors and psychics at Kasamba are one of the best in their line of work and have become increasingly popular with every client they interact with.

In Kasamba, you can chat with real psychics of your choice. The psychics have their profiles on the website with their details and particulars. You can choose to have a session with any of the psychics in real-time. You can also opt for an online reading via emails or chat psychics.

Kasamba offers a free chat with the psychics for three minutes for each new psychics. You can always change and choose the psychic that you feel connected to or which field you need help in. They also offer an additional discount of 50% off after your first consultation.


  • Free and cheap psychic services.
  • 100% guaranteed money-back.
  • Accurate readings with professional psychics.
  • Many service options like online chat, email, live reading.
  • 50% discount for new members.


  • Membership is required for services like Mobile applications.
  • Different psychic services come at different rates.

2. AskNow

AskNow is one of the real psychic sites available on topics like career, love, money etc. They have been providing psychic predictions since 2005.

AskNow provides its first-time clients with an unbeatable offer: $1 per minute, plus five free minutes to use on a psychic of your choice. You can avail a reading session either by phone call or an online chat.

 When you decide that the first medium isn’t right for you, AskNow will allow you to reallocate those minutes so that you can try someone else more suited to what you may be looking for.

AskNow gives one of the best online psychic readings, and they also provide free daily horoscopes. You can always opt for a more detailed horoscope reading with the many skilled astrologists of AskNow.

Apart from horoscope and clairvoyants reading, AskNow also offers numerology, tarot reading and number analyses. 


  • Mobile App is available for convenience.
  • As low as 67 cents per minute.
  • Many different services like dream interpretations, angel, past life readings are available.
  • Online Chat readings are available. 
  • Available in two languages- English and Spanish.
  • All psychics are screened for authenticity.


  • There is an age limit.
  • Only 5 minutes free for the first call but not for every new psychic.

3. is one of the online consultation platforms that set itself apart from others by providing psychic reading online consultation. They also offer pet psychic services, a unique part that sets this psychic platform apart.

You can seek guidance from the many in-house experts in fields of love, family, career and clairvoyance. Oranum also offers Fortune telling services; make sure to check in if luck is by your side.

Whether you seek answers or clarity, Oranum is ready to provide you full service with dreams analysts and guides for your life and life plan. They also offer services like sound baths, which are therapeutic and can help in meditation.

Oranum offers a wide range of services like tarot, love and astrological readings, sound therapy and dream analyses. All consultation in each service is available for video call; this personal touch to these readings helps customers connect with the psychics.

Oranum provides to all customers a free three minutes, and this can be used to consult any psychic medium for a quick consultation. When you do register, Oranum provides free credit up to $9.99. All psychics and mediums are genuine professionals subjected to background checks by Oranum, so you don’t fear being scammed.


  • Live personal communications between the psychics and customers.
  • It provides a variety of services.
  • Can inquire about free psychic chat rooms before registering.
  • Free credit after registration. 


  • No standard free trail
  • Most clients complain of vague readings.

4. 7

7 tarot is a psychic service that provides tarot readings exclusively. While the readings mode is limited to tarots, 7tarort offers a wide range of services from love readings to career and even quick yes or no readings.

With different tarot readings available, you can always choose what resonates with you or what answers you seek. Those who are new to tarotology will find these free psychic reading sites very helpful, as it is easy to navigate.

All readings are free in 7tarots and can have unlimited trials. Paid services include only when you want to register for detailed personal readings. Service charges may apply per minute. Their services also include a daily tarot reading that provides readings on your choice like love, careers, finances, and even a general read.

You can also opt for email subscriptions where they provide you with tarot readings every week free of cost. Although these readings are general, you will have to opt for paid reading sessions to get a detailed insight into the cards drawn.


  • Free readings with no hidden gimmicks
  • Different tarot services.


  • Service is only via phone call.

5. California Psychics

With almost 23 years in the business, California Psychics is one of the most reputed and trusted psychic sites. Recommended by many customers, California Psychics are one of the leading psychic platform best known for their numerology reading.

With California Psychics, you can dive in deeper with reading unique like past life analysis and even lost objects readings. Among these one-of-a-kind services, they also have common services like astrology, tarot card, horoscope and love readings.

You can avail of these professional services based on the package you choose. The rates differ with each package. However, the standard rate is usually between $ 3- 8 per minute. California Psychics offers a guarantee for a 100 % refund if you are unhappy with any of the sessions.

California Psychics provides top-of-the-line service to its customer right from the beginning. Their filtering tool narrows down to the specific service their clients are interested in. From here, the customers can choose from various psychics and mediums with whom they resonate and begin their session.  You can either chat or talk with psychics from all over the world right here at California Psychics.


  • New clients get a special offer of $1 per minute
  • One of the most trusted and popular sites in the community.
  • Various services available


  • No free readings

6. Keen Psychics

Keen Psychic services have featured famous psychics and quality readings for over 20 years. Their reading and services have been published from the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine to Refinery 29 and many more.

Keen Psychics always keeps their content fresh and caters to a wide audience on their website, updated frequently. They boast a large number (about 1,700) of experts and psychics whose services are available at all times.

There is a wide range of services to choose from- angel card readings, pet psychics, numerology, love reading. You can reach these psychics by phone, chat or even email.

Keen psychics bear in mind that customer satisfaction is the top priority. They have a user-friendly interface on their sites and even have an application, Keen app, for whichever platform clients feel comfortable with. This application is available both on the Apple store and Android PlayStore.

Keen Psychics also has an impressive interactive tool that helps customers navigate which psychics or services they want. They can filter in their choices from user ratings, price etc. At $1.99 for 10-minute reading, Keen Psychics has the cheap psychic service in the market. 


  • Many services available.
  • Value for money.
  • Sessions are available via call, chat, email and even live video.
  • Many psychics to choose from.
  • User friendly interface and services.


  • Customers usually complain about generalized readings.
  • No free trail available.

Regardless of whatever situation you are in that draws you in to free online psychic reading, it always good to seek answers or solutions from another perspective. Free online psychic reading consultations and services vary from palmistry to horoscopes and even tarot reading. You can always choose which ever method you feel serves you best.

With many psychic sites available online, answers are just one click away. It can also be very entertaining and provide new insights to your life. We have carefully curated through many websites to bring the best in the service, be sure to check them out.