Indie Plate Testimonials: Paul Bartage, COO

Paul Bartage- His Indie Plate Experience
By Maria Oanh Do

Ah, our operations guru.

Paul’s an intellectually curious MBA student from LSU who brings youth, perspective and wit to the “indie” plate.  His appreciation for local food stems from the simple “it tastes good” statement. So good, that if Paul had his way, we would have to pay him in pork shoulder every week! Paul wears many hats in the 4-person company as the quality control officer, director of operations, and a crucial delivery driver. So if you’re an Indie Plate regular, you just might’ve even met our operations guru!

When Paul’s brother Ben (our CEO & Co-Founder) brought Indie Plate to fruition, Paul saw an opportunity to learn more about the business of food, tying perfectly into his MBA, and to learn more about food itself.  Here’s Paul’s experience with working with Indie Plate and how the business has changed his food perspective:  

“I would say the biggest change in how I view food is the transparency.  I can look at all the inventory we have at Indie Plate and know where each item has come from.  “These carrots here are from Fekete in Albany, the milk comes from Feliciana’s Best out in Slaughter, the black drum is all from the Port of Delcambre”.  And after going to these places and meeting the producers, I have found a great appreciation for knowing where your food comes from and how it’s grown.  Food should not be sustenance manufactured for the masses- it should be personal and have meaning in your life.”  –Paul Bartage, COO

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