Waitr Launches Restaurant Incubator Lab  

to Back Aspiring Chefs 

Company Opens New Office with Full Kitchen in Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge, LA – Waitr, the popular restaurant on-demand platform, has announced the formation of the Waitr Restaurant Incubator Lab. The new initiative is designed to accelerate early stage growth of a startup restaurant, providing aspiring chefs the ability to create a brand and design a menu to make their businesses successful. The lab is located in Waitr’s just-opened Baton Rouge office.


“The Waitr Restaurant Incubator Lab is centered on accelerating restaurant start-ups, offering access to expertise on menu choices that restaurateurs would otherwise not have access to as an early stage business,” said Chris Meaux, CEO of Waitr. “We can provide invaluable feedback to help drive the best possible end product because these restaurants-to-be are being mentored by Waitr and because the menu is being engineered using scientific data we constantly acquire.”


Waitr is seen as the industry’s top food delivery service for customers and businesses, despite launching only three years ago. Founded in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Waitr has quickly grown to serve more than 150 cities across the Southeast, including Baton Rouge. It currently has 3,000 employees and partners with more than 4,000 restaurants nationwide.


Meaux says the new venture is reflective of his company’s ongoing efforts to help current and future restaurant partners as much as possible. “We are constantly looking for ways to help restaurants succeed as they are one of the foundations of our business,” he explained. “The Incubator Lab launch helps ensure future restaurant partners for us.”


Waitr’s new Baton Rouge office was formerly occupied by Baton Rouge meal kit company Indie Plate. Additionally, Waitr has acquired select assets from Indie Plate, including a full commercial kitchen to launch the restaurant incubator program. The employees of Indie Plate have all been hired by Waitr and will be integral in working on the program’s development, as well as other elements of Waitr’s core business.


“We’re thrilled to be part of this new enterprise by Waitr,” said Peru Sharma. “Everyone on our team has invested many hours in the food delivery business … and with this new venture, the staff is genuinely excited to be a hub for such an innovative idea.


Waitr has received acclaim for distinguishing itself with its distinct technology. The company has been widely lauded for its growth cornerstones, including its live monitoring of deliveries yielding faster door-to-door service, its unique ability to provide full-color photography of every menu item from all participating restaurants and its go-to market strategy.


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