Farm To Table means Head To Tail Consumption, By IndiePlate

All of us want to support the farm to table movement, but sometimes we fail to realize that for this movement to really take hold and grow from a niche to a regional and national phenomenon, we as a people have to change how we look at farm products. We all want the perfectly grassfed ribeye steak or a delicious pastured pork chop, but what we often fail to realize is that a ribeye or a pork chop is a very small part of a whole cow/hog. To give you an example, bones skin fat and organ meats comprise about 30-40% of hogs and cattle while steaks, bacon and pork chops are only about 25% of the animal. What about the rest of the animal? A local farmer puts their blood, sweat, tears and money in humanely raising the ENTIRE animal, but when we all just demand a small part of the entire animal, what's a farmer to do with the rest. So here at IndiePlate, we have taken a pledge to find new ways of making it easy for you to enjoy consuming all parts of an animal, AND TRULY MAKE FARM-TO-TABLE A SUSTAINABLE MOVEMENT - we call this "HEAD-TO-TAIL" eating!

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6/16/2014 12:25 AM
I am totally into head to tail eating but I need directions and good recipes for the "less popular" parts of the animal.  Penny Bochicchio