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Indie Plate Testimonials: Peru Sharma, Operations Manager

Peru Sharma- Journey to Indie Plate
By Maria Oanh Do

He's probably one of the hardest people you will ever have to track down, if not, THE hardest person to hold down, but every Saturday morning, you can count on catching our operations manager at the Red Stick farmers' market with his familiar brown baseball cap and super cool sweater jacket (his words, not mine).

Peru's love for food stemmed from his childhood in India, a culture whose food makes my mouth water both from utter deliciousness and fiery fear.  Twelve years of school at Texas Tech and LSU got him his PhD in chemical engieering, but soon after, Peru discovered that what he actually wanted to do was something he was passionate about: food.

Chemical engineer turned local food entrepreneur?  It was definitely not the next logical step for any person in his right mind, but for Peru, food was priority and to be able to be an entrepreneur in the foodie world made perfect sense. Plus, Peru's never in his right mind, anyway; he's only a few ways away from being completely insane, but that insane flame ignited what is the Indie Plate we know today. Now, Indie Plate's creation is an entirely different story that definitely deserves another blog, but for now, let's hear from the the food lover himself: 

"Indie Plate has changed my view of food from volume-driven to quality-driven.  I don't read the calorie labels on food anymore trusting that if it's all-natural, grown locally and purchased from a farm, I know it'll be good for me.  As an avid cook, the quality of ingredients makes all the difference.  Everything I cook, even if i mess up, comes out delicious because the ingredients used are so fresh and succulent.  I eat what I want knowing that coupled with an active lifestyle I'm coming out ahead.  And I've seen health differences all around me. The past 2 winter seasons I haven't caught a flu (knock on wood), which like clockwork always came every December.  My energy levels are up and I just feel stronger and healthier overall." -Peru Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder